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Resource Description
AIRWays User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/AIRWays-User-Guide_2019-2020.pdf
Information about the AIRWays systems.
Quick Guide to AIRWays Portal /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/Quick-Guide-to-AIRWays-Portal.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020
This quick guide introduces users to the features of the AIRWays portal.
AIRWays Authoring User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/AuthoringUserGuide.pdf

This user guide provides instructions for using AIRWays systems to create custom items and tests.

AIRWays Calculator Manual /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/calculator-manual.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020
Math Grade 6 - Basic Calculator
Updated January 21, 2020
AIRWays math assessments use Desmos calculators starting in grade 6 math. These are links to the Desmos calculator versions that are used for students to get familiar prior to testing.
AIRWays Quick Guide Practice Tests /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/AIRWays-Practice-Test-Quick-Guide.pdf
This guides provides information on the use of the practice test site for teachers and students.
AIRWays Quick Guide Print Test Tickets /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/Quick-Guide-Print-Test-Tickets.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020
This guide provides instructions for printing optional test tickets.
AIRWays Quick Guide Test Settings and Tools /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/Quick-Guide-to-AIRWays-test-settings-and-tools.pdf
This guide provides information on managing test settings and tools in TIDE.
AIRWays Quick Guide: How to Monitor Test Progress /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/How-to-monitor-test-progress.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020
This quick guide provides instructions on how to monitor test progress.
AIRWays Reporting User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/AIRWays-Reporting-Guide-19-20.pdf
Updated December 27, 2019
This user guide provides detailed information on using the AIRWays Reporting System.
AIRWays Sign-On Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/AIRWays-Sign-On-Quick-Guide.pdf
This document explains how to sign-on to the AIRWays System.
AIRWays User Roles and Access /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/User-Roles-and-Access-2019-20.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020
All AIRWays assessment systems are secure and role-based. This PDF describes the hierarchy structure and access to AIRWays functionality.
Assistive Technology Manual /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/AssistiveTechManual.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020
This document contains information about how to configure accomodations and assistive devices.
Automated Scoring Information /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/AutoScore_FAQ_Interim_2019-2020.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020

This PDF provides FAQs on the automated scoring process.

Creating a Roster Upload File for TIDE /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/CreatingRosterUploadFile.pdf
Updated January 21, 2020
This guide provides information about how district administrators can create a roster upload file to set up all rosters in TIDE.
Description of ELA Benchmark Tests /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/Summary-for-ELA-Grades-3-11.pdf
Description of Math Benchmark Tests /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/Summary-for-MATH_Grade-3-111.pdf
These two documents provide information on the benchmark tests for math and ELA including areas covered and number of items.
TDS Guide /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/TA_Product_Guide_2019-2020.pdf
This user guide explains how to use the TDS system. 
TIDE User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2740/urlt/TIDE_Product_Guide_2019-2020.pdf
TIDE User Guide