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General Information

  • Writing tests are a single writing prompt. As soon as a student starts typing in their response, the End Test button is active to the right of the pause button. The student can continue typing their response and should NOT click the End Test button until they are complete. If they click the button in error, they can go back and continue working on their response.

  • The AIRWays assessment system is designed to provide valid, fair, and reliable assessment results that give educators and students necessary information and tools to improve teaching and learning and help students making progress toward college and career readiness. The AIRWays assessment system consists of two major assessment components. It includes the adaptively administered interim assessments and the fixed-form benchmark module assessments.

    It is important to note that the interim and benchmark module tests are administered from the same pool of items, so educators are encouraged to use either the interim or the benchmark modules, but not both. For example, administering the interim assessments after the benchmark modules will reduce the interpretability of the interim test scores, because students will have already seen many of the test items.

  • The portal acts as the gateway to all your assessment systems and provides resources to help students, families, and educators prepare for the administration of all AIRWays assessments.

  • For Interim ELA testing: both the reading and the writing section must be completed and submitted before you will see the student’s score.

  • AIRWays is a digital assessment platform for school districts to administer fixed-form benchmarks and adaptive interim assessments across subjects and grades that provides actionable, immediate data to teachers. Districts interested in administering pre-made, common-core aligned benchmark assessments can use AIRWays to meet their district assessment needs.

  • On tablets and Chromebooks the first time the Secure Browser is opened it will prompt the user to choose the state. Users should choose AIRWays. If an incorrect selection is made, they can open the browser and click on the 4 square buttons in the bottom right to get back to the selection screen and make the correct selection.

  • AIRWays Mathematics, Reading, and Writing benchmark assessments are aligned to the Common Core standards.

  • This chart indicates the number of AIRWays benchmark assessments per grade/subject available in AIRWays. The Mathematics and Reading benchmark assessments range from 6–24 items per test, and the Writing benchmark assessments have about 6 items per assessment and include one essay question per assessment. In addition to the benchmark assessments, there is one longer interim assessment per grade in Mathematics and Reading. These interim assessments are adaptive tests that contain about 45 items each and should be able to be administered twice without items repeating.

    Number of Benchmarks
    3 11 7 4
    4 12 7 4
    5 12 7 4
    6 10 9 4
    7 13 8 4
    8 10 7 4
    9 N/A 7 4
    10 N/A 8 4
    11 N/A 7 4


    25 N/A N/A

  • Benchmark assessments are untimed and intended to be completed in one class period lasting approximately 60 minutes.

    • Accessibility is a cornerstone of all AIR assessments. We offer the largest set of accessibility tools and accommodations in the industry.
    • AIR ensures availability of our assessments to the widest range of student abilities. Here are some of the key tools and accessibility features of all AIRWays assessments:

    Accommodations and
    Accessibility Supports
    Student Tools
    Text-to-Speech (TTS) Calculator
    Streamlined Mode Highlighter
    Braille Global Notes
    Masking Strikethrough
    Color Choices Expandable Passages
    Permissive Mode Zoom

    American Sign Language
    Interpretations (for listening passages)

    Spanish Translations

    A full list of AIR’s available tools, accommodations, and accessibility supports can be provided on request.

    • AIR recognizes the importance of protecting user and student personal data, whether it is being transmitted, stored, or converted.
    • All of our systems protect individual privacy and confidentiality in a manner consistent with privacy laws, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and other federal laws.
    • All secure data transmitted across the public Internet are encrypted using secure shell (SSH) advanced encryption standard (AES) or an Internet protocol security (IPSec) virtual private network (VPN).
    • When data is stored, it resides securely on database servers behind multiple firewalls and is secured through an encrypted connection.

  • Yes, we provide your teachers and schools the support they need when they need it through our AIR Help Desk.

    Tel 1.877.426.6941  



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