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Recent Announcements

  • An updated Secure Browser for Windows is now available for download on the portal. The previous version can still be used, however if you downloaded the Windows Secure Browser before August 12th, the browser should be replaced prior to downloading the state assessment browser. This affects only Windows computers and does not affect students’ ability to test.

    Added August 12, 2019
  • The new Windows and Mac Secure Browsers for the 19-20 school year are now available on the Secure Browser page. The new Secure Browsers must be installed by August 31 or students will not be able to access tests. The AIRSecureTest app (used for mobile devices) and the Chrome kiosk app do not need to be updated.

    For questions or assistance with installing the Secure Browser please contact the AIRWays help desk.

    Added July 22, 2019

Top FAQs

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